The VR Smartbox: Let The Games Begin… (English Edition)

The VR Smartbox: Let The Games Begin... (English Edition)

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Sometime back in 1984, the ultimate game console was built, involving the greatest technologies ahead of its time.

Todd Darcy was the main creator the VR Smartbox console. The ultimate device for anyone to have their most desired dreams come true, from the worldwide bestselling toy.

By slipping on the virtual reality goggles, people had the joy of wandering the console’s operating system – the city of Skysurf.

But Todd’s success suddenly turned into a dreadful nightmare when Skysurf was breached by some mysterious hacker, pulling Todd out of the virtual city, then locking him into another program, appearing as some dark medieval dungeon.

Todd will face the struggle of his life, while forced to pursue his journey into unknown clusters of information, also finding himself increasingly manipulated by unknown powerful people, hiding behind false virtual profiles.

But Todd will soon realize that his only chance of escape is by getting through the true hidden identity of his nemesis – Kronos.


5/51 rating
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